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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to set up a mobile home after purchase?

We have a team of experts who will do the setting up and installation of your home after purchase. You will not be charged any fees for this service.

Is Renting or Buying Better?

It depends on the intentions of the client. Buying or renting could be better depending on the circumstances. So it is upto the client to choose the best suitable option.

Is owning a mobile home a good investment?

Mobile homes can serve as an ideal investment if you are looking for an alternative real estate investment. You could buy a mobile home and lease out to make some quick cash.

Can you flip mobile homes?

his could be a perfect investment avenue for mobile home lovers. You can always acquire valuable mobile homes from us, get them a little customized and re-sell at a higher price. We strongly advice our clients to get into this market.

Can you live permanently in a mobile home?

Most mobile homes have certain restrictions as to how much time or how many years you can spend there. They will definitely wear and tear with time. Our mobile homes can take you for as long as 25-55years.

Do mobile homes last?

Our mobile homes can last upto 55 years because we build them following international standards and HUD Code. Worthy of note is the fact that they are always properly installed when purchased by our clients.

Are mobile homes safe?

Our mobile homes are perfectly safe for you and your family. The material used for construction of our mobile homes serves as a real guarantee for safety.

Can you buy a mobile home and rent it out?

This can work in a couple of ways; You can decide to buy a mobile home and place it on your piece of land and rent it out to a tenant or tenants and also, you can own a mobile home located in a mobile home park and charge the tenant mobile home rent and lot rent.


Is a mobile home safe in a lightning storm?

Absolutely yes our mobile homes have been designed with high winds in mind which gives our clients assurances during storms. But our clients should also be aware of the storm’s size and threat to decide whether to stay or leave the mobile home

Is buying a mobile home like buying a house?

Our mobile homes are much more flexible, unique and cost effective when compared to conventional homes. There is definitely a slight difference in terms of obtaining finance or getting a mortgage.

A Collection Of Vital Information For Buyers And Mobile Home Owners

Guide To Your Mobile Home Ownership

First thing you should consider is your lifestyle when buying a mobile home. You can either go for a mobile home with land or buy one at a mobile home park. Owning a mobile home in a community leaves you with certain benefits including an active lifestyle. Majority of mobile home parks have alot of activities going on including competitions, sports, recreational facilities, etc.
On the other hand, buying a mobile home with land presents to the buyer an opportunity of obtaining a mortgage. If you have to buy our mobile home with land, get to know how the home is zoned and also if there are any deed restrictions.

Preparing The Site For Your Mobile Home Setup

Installing a mobile home is a very complex process- reason why we send in our professionally trained and licensed experts to help in the process. When mobile homes are properly installed, homeowners will hardly face difficulties and challenges. Most mobile home owners have to comprehend the complexities involved in mobile home site setup. Our technicians do the following before the home is installed;
-They test the soil and conditionings to be sure it can hold the weight of the home
– Excavation, leveling, and grading
-Foundation (concrete truck and crew)
-Flood/water protection and drainage
The good news is, our technicians will assist buyers throughout the buying and installation process

A Guide To Proper Mobile Home Insulation Installation

Easiest way to increase home comfort and reduce utility costs is by installing insulation. Thanks to the introduction of the HUD Code regulations, there have been a remarkable development in mobile home insulation over the last 35years. Installing insulation at your mobile home saves about 20% on cooling and heating. This ensures you stay warm during winter and cooler during summer. We will have installation experts as well to assist you in this process. All further questions and doubts can be channeled towards them during and after purchase.

Solving Mobile Home Title Issues

It is of utmost importance for homeowners to understand the difference between a mobile home deed and title. All permanently installed mobile homes also known as real property will have a deed.

With the mobile home title, the buyer will find key information such as the name of builder, serial number and factory where it was built and who did the inspection. We strongly advice all our potential homeowners to submit/register their titles once they buy our homes. All new owners must submit a signed title and pay a certain fee so it can be updated in the state’s database. Once these fees are paid, we can conveniently transport the homes to the buyer’s destination for installation.

In order for a homeowner to convert a mobile home into a real property, the owner must retire the title. More information will be provided by our experts after purchase.

How To Make Your Mobile Home Look Exactly Like A Traditional Built Home

A homeowner can own a mobile home which looks exactly like a site-built home- pretty affordable too. In order for a mobile home owner to achieve that, the following tips may be of great help;

Upgrading your home especially if it is a newly constructed mobile home will definitely add value to your property.
Upgrades can be in the form of a higher roof pitch, larger doors and eaves extensions around the home. A higher roof pitch will help snow and rain to slide off easier as well.
Extending the Eaves will help keep water away from the home’s windows and siding.
Installing larger doors internally and externally makes your home look more like a site built home. Common examples are aluminum doors that are 32″ wide and 74″ to 78″ tall.
Installing your mobile home over a basement foundation will make it look like a site built home. There are new techniques which are more affordable for the average buyer. There is definitely going to be an added living space when this is done which is a big plus. There will be certain modifications for the basement area to be accessible; luckily, our technicians can assist in handling that.
A garage can be constructed beside your home, not necessarily attached to the home. Creating an entryway into your home from the garage would definitely create a site-built feel.

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